How To Naturally Make Your Skin Soft, Smooth, Glow and Beautiful again....even if you're above 30yrs...Guaranteed!

We’ve Made Everything Available For You Here To Guarantee Result!

Which is why we are providing you with FULL SET of our Product to get the Best of the Very Best Result no other person will offer you.

Our full set contains:

✅ Luminous body milk lotion

✅ Glowing Oil

✅ Black Soap

✅ And Our Body Scrub

Beauty is what makes a woman feels confident in herself that’s why it’s hard to find a woman that doesn't have a mirror in her bag.

Here Is What Our Customers Have To Say About This Awesome Skin Care Kits...

This is just 14 days with your product, ha thjank you ma you are the best oo

It Has Been Proven That The Beauty Of A Woman Is Not Just By The Body Shape, In Fact one of the most important is face and the complexion...

Today, on this page you will discover the real definition of beauty you deserve this year!

I mean the kind of beauty; 

✅ That make people think you are immortal...(you no de old)

✅ That makes random stranger admire your beauty and even ask for the name of your cream

✅ That makes a 60 years old woman look 25

✅ That makes you the first to be noticed when you take a group picture with your friends

✅ That makes your husband complement you every morning

✅ That makes you standout anywhere you go

✅ That makes any man give you their ATM pin.


With GlamVee Skin Kit you're covered

Imagine how attractive, beautiful and flawless your skin will be after using our skin care set for just 3 weeks. Hmm, That sweet 16 Look you've always wanted!

Think about the joy, happiness and self-confidence you will experience 

Imagine how awesome it will be when a random stranger complements your beauty 

GlamVee Flawless set

This GlamVee Flawless glowing set is for anyone who needs a brighter, lighter , clearer and spotless skin with complete absence of pimples, rashes, and burns.

It helps repair and restore your skin giving you confidence like never before. 100% natural and 95% organic.

It eliminates:

  • acne

  • eczema

  • dark spot

  • discoloration

  • blackheads

  • and skin blemishes.

  • It is anti aging and skin firming.

How To Use GlamVee Flawless Set

We also advice our clients to use their scrub 2-3 times weekly, without scrubbing your skin, the products will not work effectively  it with our flawless glow oil. visible results within 21days - 30 days of use , depending on how stubborn your skin is, use morning and night.

Here Is Why You Should Get This Whitening Set 

This is simply the best and the most effective whitening set you will ever try...Period! Not like other whitening set that whiten the face alone and leave other part of the body dark. Our Glamvee Set contains all the ingredients that makes a whitening set perfect and effective for all skin type.


Our GlamVee Set has been proven by over 2,000 happy customers and counting.

What Other Customers Are Saying About GlamVee Set...

The soap and cream has been wonderful, after two weeks people started telling me I’m glowing , and my pimple dryed up, and the black spot has even started faded out, even thou I didn’t buy any pimple product, i stopped using the shit I was using

Here's What You Are Getting When You Order

Luminous Lightening body Milk:
Enjoy a flawless skin when you nourish your skin with the right protein. It contains organic ingredients with no harmful substances.

Body scrub:
Have you ever wondered why a cream or soap worked on your friends, but unfortunately didn’t work on you? You’ve been using same cream or soap for years but no results.

The reason is not far fetched. You need a body scrub. Body scrub gets rid of dead cells on the skin surface which disallows effective penetration of whatever substances you apply on your skin. It’s like fetching water into an empty basket when you apply cream or soap on a dead skin cell.

No matter how expensive the cream or soap you are using is, you may not see obvious and tangible result.

Flawless Glow Body Oil:
For effective balancing of the skin complexion such that you do not develop a multi-coloured skin, because not all the body parts will respond to the skin Milk and Black soap at the same time which may result to one part of the body getting lighter than or glowing/brightening up than the other.

And Our Oganic Black Soap

We Are Also Giving You One Free Face Cream

Limited Time Offer for Today Only!

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There’s no better time than NOW to get GlamVee Skin Set as the first 18 people who order now will get it for ₦14,000 when you buy TODAY instead of the original price of ₦22,000 for 1.

We have made this cream very affordable, that you could buy it, use it and start feeling awesome in your skin in 14 Days at most.

Currently, we have ONLY 37 PIECES LEFT. And this promo price will end soon. So, the sooner you order the better your chances of getting it! Order NOW!

Our Double Standard Guarantee

Over 2,000 happy customers now...and counting. In fact, with us you can’t waste your money. You’re buying this Cream with your hard-earned money which is why we are giving you 100% guarantee you will get maximum results with GlamVee Skin Set.

Order Now And Pay Cash On Delivery Or You Do Transfer.





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